Money is need of an hour. Almost everyone and we all live our entire life with this myth that we do not have enough money and money comes from bank or doing business or from people who have more money.

Actually the amount of money that we all have is directly proportional to our sub conscious thought about money. There is enough of money in this universe for all of us. Universe has abundance but we all block money because of our poor consciousness. We have grown in this society with various thoughts about money like, It is hard to earn. Money doesn’t grow on tree and so on.

Fact is that money is divine energy. It has divine flow. This flow can be created by understanding divine cycle. Divine Cycle says that is in the process of giving (Divine cause) that we receive money. When we block the flow of giving, out of our greed, attachments and lust. We block the flow of receiving the money. God has created abundance for everyone to survive only few wealthy people understand. This divine flow of nature and that is the reason their incoming flow of money never stops.

God has given us enough money to survive. We can have more, by expanding our divine cause and by dropping our poverty thoughts and by honoring divine cycle of money.To know more get in touch with some mentor